Subaru Crosstrek Crossbar Set - Aero - E361SFL400

Mar 9, 2018

Welcome to DRIVEN EV, LLC., your reliable source for eco-friendly vehicle accessories. As a leading provider in the eCommerce and Shopping - Vehicles & Auto Parts category, we offer top-notch products that enhance your driving experience. Introducing the Subaru Crosstrek Crossbar Set - Aero - E361SFL400, the perfect addition to your Subaru Crosstrek for all your hauling needs.

Enhance Your Subaru Crosstrek's Versatility

The Subaru Crosstrek Crossbar Set - Aero - E361SFL400 is designed to provide you with unparalleled versatility. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, an adventurous traveler, or simply need some extra cargo space, these crossbars are the ideal solution. With their sleek and aerodynamic design, they complement the stylish look of your Crosstrek while offering maximum functionality.

Superior Design and Quality

We understand the importance of quality when it comes to vehicle accessories. That's why the Subaru Crosstrek Crossbar Set - Aero - E361SFL400 is crafted with the utmost care and precision. Made from durable materials, these crossbars are built to withstand various weather conditions and heavy loads, ensuring long-lasting performance. Their lightweight construction minimizes drag and wind noise, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Easy Installation and Secure Fit

Installing the Subaru Crosstrek Crossbar Set - Aero - E361SFL400 is a breeze. With the included installation instructions and hardware, you'll have your crossbars securely mounted in no time. The aerodynamic shape and innovative mounting system allow for a seamless integration with your Crosstrek's roof rails, providing a secure and stable platform for your gear. Rest assured that your belongings will stay in place even during the most challenging journeys.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

With the Subaru Crosstrek Crossbar Set - Aero - E361SFL400, the possibilities are endless. Explore new destinations, embark on thrilling outdoor adventures, and make the most of your Subaru Crosstrek's capabilities. These crossbars offer a convenient and practical way to transport bikes, kayaks, skis, and other bulky items without sacrificing interior space. Experience freedom and expand your horizons with ease.

Choose DRIVEN EV, LLC. for Your Vehicle Accessories

At DRIVEN EV, LLC., we're committed to providing our customers with exceptional products that exceed their expectations. Our Subaru Crosstrek Crossbar Set - Aero - E361SFL400 is just one example of our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of eco-friendly vehicle accessories, ensuring that you find the perfect solution for your needs. Browse our online store today and discover a world of possibilities for your sustainable transportation.


Upgrade your Subaru Crosstrek with the Subaru Crosstrek Crossbar Set - Aero - E361SFL400 from DRIVEN EV, LLC. These high-quality crossbars enhance the versatility of your vehicle, allowing you to explore new horizons and transport your gear with ease. With their superior design, easy installation, and secure fit, these crossbars are a must-have addition for any Crosstrek owner. Shop now and experience the ultimate convenience and functionality.

Gregory Williams
These crossbars are a practical and stylish addition to my vehicle.
Oct 30, 2022
Case McCalla
I'm excited to see how these crossbars improve my driving experience.
Sep 16, 2022
Bill Wittenberg
My Crosstrek will be even more versatile with these crossbars.
Aug 6, 2022
I can't wait to enhance my driving experience with this Subaru Crosstrek Crossbar Set!
Dec 1, 2021
John Lynch
The design of these crossbars is perfect for outdoor adventures.
Mar 3, 2021
Kathy Fitton
I appreciate having quality options in the eCommerce shopping category.
Aug 15, 2020
Charlie Jarman
The aero design of these crossbars is sleek and stylish.
Apr 29, 2020
Joe Puoci
This crossbar set is a great addition to my Crosstrek!
Jan 30, 2020
Arnold Sanchez
DRIVEN EV, LLC. is definitely the go-to for top-notch vehicle accessories.
Jan 12, 2019
Paul Brady
I've been looking for a reliable source for eco-friendly vehicle accessories, and I'm glad I found this!
Aug 12, 2018